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A broader narrative of mid-century design

New Arrivals Jun. 12, 2024

Embracing the ornamental designs of Henning Kjærnulf, the sculptural forms of Flemming Lassen and the organic fluidity of Viggo Boesen, the latest additions to Elte’s Vintage Furniture Collection offer a broader narrative of mid-century design.

Curated by fourth-generation owner of Elte, Andrew Metrick embraces a mindset of curiosity and constant discovery. From a young age, he was fortunate to have visited countless factories, foundries, mills, and antique dealers from around the world. Andrew’s admiration for designs of the past led him to curate Elte’s vintage furniture collection, drawing from his intimate knowledge of design, materials, and time-honored craftsmanship.

Vintage Danish Brutalist Easy Chair

Rather than
looking at trends.
For me, vintage
is about
                       and curiosity.”

Hand carved details can be found throughout the chair’s frame.

Vintage Viggo Boesen Lounge Chair

Viggo Boesen / Organic Fluidity

While many mid-century designs adhered to rigid geometric forms, Viggo Boesen’s furniture designs embraced organic fluidity through their soft, flowing lines. Characterized by gentle curves and natural shapes, Boesen’s pieces exude a sense of movement and harmony with nature.

This organic approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of each design but also emphasizes comfort and functionality. His work introduces a playful elegance to mid-century modernism, blending artistic expression with everyday usability.

The chair’s armrests exemplify the organic fluidity that characterizes Boesen’s designs.

Henning Kjaernulf / Embracing the Ornamental

Contrasting the prevalent mid-century modern design language, Henning Kjaernulf’s furniture designs embrace the ornamental. Beyond merely decorative, Kjaernulf’s intricate wood carvings are integral to his overall designs, adding layers of texture and visual interest.

These detailed elements reflect Kjaernulf’s exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to blending functionality with artistry. Providing a rich, tactile experience, Kjaernulf’s designs connect historical craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities.

Vintage Henning Kjaernulf Chair

Vintage Henning Kjaernulf Razorblade Dining Chair

The backrest of the chairs feature intricate wood carvings characteristic of Kjaernulf’s designs.

Vintage Flemming Lassen Easy Chair

Flemming Lassen / Sculptural Forms

In contrast to the minimalism typical of many mid-century designs, Flemming Lassen’s furniture showcases bold sculptural forms with fluid, organic shapes. His pieces are defined by their smooth curves and flowing lines, imparting a sense of dynamic movement and structural elegance.

These sculptural features are integral to the overall design, enhancing both visual interest and ergonomic comfort. Lassen’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail demonstrate his commitment to functional artistry.

The Easy Chair highlights the sculptural elegance of Lassen’s designs.