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The Eskayel          
For Elte                                       

From watercolour to weaving

Collection Highlights May. 1, 2024

In a collaborative process, Elte worked with the Brooklyn-based textile design studio, Eskayel, to translate founder and artist Shanan Campanero’s organic forms and natural colour palette from watercolour to weaving.

The Eskayel Collection for Elte brings together the creative vision of this contemporary artist and designer with centuries-old weaving traditions and craft.

Eskayel founder and artist Shanan Campanero at work in her Brooklyn-based studio.


Shanan’s creative vision, inspired by forms and colours from travel and nature, often takes the form of water-based ink paintings. Her Brooklyn-based textile design studio, Eskayel, marries this vision with craft and sustainability, producing designs across mediums such as fabric and wallpaper.

Inside Eskayel’s Brooklyn-based studio

Embracing the unpredictability of watercolour, colours begin to bleed and unexpected shapes take form.

A moodboard in the Eskayel studio

Inspired by nature and travel, Shanan often paints from her own travel photography, recreating a feeling of place through abstract patterns and colour.

Embracing the unpredictability of watercolour, her style thrives on its fluidity: as more water is introduced, the colours begin to bleed and unexpected shapes take form.

Shanan in the Eskayel studio with Jamie Metrick of Elte

Shanan’s dreamy
watercolour aesthetic
is difficult to execute
                  we had to find a maker who
                  could appreciate this detail.”

Made by Hand in Jaipur

Knowing craft and technique would be integral to faithfully translating Shanan’s flowing, organic forms from watercolours into weaving, Elte selected a master artisan in Jaipur whose old world weaving technique would complement Eskayel’s modern designs.

Master artisans dye the yarn for the rugs by hand in Jaipur.

The collection is made possible by highly skilled weavers and experts in yarn dyeing techniques. The rugs are hand-dyed, hand-knotted and hand-cut to accomplish Eskayel’s signature aesthetic that involves shadowing and intricate blending of colour.

Master artisans use hundreds of thousands of hand tied knots in each rug.


The close collaboration between artisan and designer that made this possible took place over several years, between Brooklyn, Jaipur, and Toronto.

The Eskayel Collection is available exclusively through Elte.

Astral Night

, Eskayel for Elte

Up For Anything Olive

, Eskayel for Elte

Akimbo 2 Light Grey

, Eskayel for Elte

Rococo Amethyst

, Eskayel for Elte